Genius Fund


Investing at the intersection of technology and growth


Genius Fund is a private equity fund focused on complete vertical integrations in breakthrough industries.


Growth that fuels the world


We make large bets on small teams that challenge the status quo. We believe the next generation of kingmakers will arrive from the most diverse of backgrounds. We're here to make that happen.

Our partnership team is comprised exclusively of serial founders and entrepreneurs. We understand what its like to build something from nothing and we are here to help.

The one underpinning that everyone must have is the innate, insatiable drive to achieve. Every. Single. Day.


Genius Fund I


How we operate


1. The deep dive

We take a first-principles based approach towards our investments. We listen when others disbelieve because once upon a time not too long ago, we were in your shoes.

2. Product + Marketing

Our partnership team has created countless products and services throughout their career and they have led marketing initiatives for companies now valued at over $10b. Put simply, we know how to build something and market it. We take a much more hands on approach than traditional VCs because we make fewer, but more substantial investments.


3. It's who you know

Connections matter, and for a startup, they can be the difference between success and failure. Countless times, from our own ventures, we have seen a few key introductions change the fate of a company. From your first major client, to a well-known advisor, the right introduction can mean everything. We're here to make them for you.


4. Continued financing

We fund companies from the beginning till aquisition, and we partner with some of the world’s most respected investors providing capital and access to more capital along the way.